Monday, 21 February 2011

my big chop

yes11! i did the big chop 1st week of February and i love it.i was 8 weeks post relaxer and my hair was super thick from pregnancy and also since i have been relaxing since i was 10 yrs old i always though i had thin hair but to my surprise my hair is thick.
i have a 4a/4b hair texture so quite thick and full
i am now wearing kinky twists as a protective style and to help me through this short stage.
plus because i'm pregnant and almost due i figured i should put kinky twists in to helps with low maintenance and have more time for my baby
i do moisturise daily and oil my scalp and hair 3x per week.
i shampoo my kinky twist every 10 days and deep condition.
im not so worried now about the dreaded excessive hair shedding most women face after a baby.

i make my own leave in spray for my twists...
200ml aloe vera juice
10ml organic coconut oil
10 ml emu oil
10 ml argan oil
5 ml vegetable glycerin

my hair oil...
20ml organic coconut oil
20ml argan oil
20 ml emu oil
10 ml vegetable glycerin

my healthy eating plan

so i want to start taking care of my inside body so i have started juicing daily.
i add...
organic coconut oil
aloe vera juice
i drink this daily and it helps keep my intestine clean plus giving me my 5 a day.
aloe vera is very good in regulating your metabolism and speeding it also cleans out your system,blood e.t.c
this is just my first steps on a healthy diet lifestyle.
i plan on becoming at least 70% raw vegetarian but i need to take baby steps plus i need to make sure that what i eat doesnt affect my baby as i'm pregnant and plan on breastfeeding.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Winter natural body scrub for soft supple skin

the skin is the largest organ of the body and does most of the work to regulate our temperature and get rid of toxins through sweat.
we need to keep it clean and fresh and get rid of clogged up pores.
some of the best things to do is to scrub it at least 2x per month.
A good natural ingredient i use is pure honey and brown sugar.make sure the consistency is thick and can really ex foliate the skin properly.for the face you can add more honey so it is not too harsh.
do this every 2 weeks and you will love your skin even more and your body will be able to get rid of even more toxins.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

How to get silky smooth lightweight hair for naturals and transitioners

i shampoo and deep condition my hair then rinse off with cool water.i part my hair into 4 sections and proceed to put a small amount of Avlon keracare creme press and Chi silk infusion.
I blowdry on high heat and straighten my hair on 400 degrees in small sections.this leaves my hair silky soft,smooth and bouncy.the results will last 5-7 days.the first picture is my before texture.8 months post relaxer and the rest of the hair is texlaxed with mild relaxer.i am transitioning to natural

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Winter hair regimen

Keep it oil once a week shampoo once a week and deep condition 1-2 times a week.
protective styling is your friend.styles like cornrows,braids e.t.c.make sure you moisturise your hair while in a protective style.
choose styles that will still allow easy maintenance like shampoo,condition.
my current regimen for the winter is prepoo,shampoo,deep condition once a week.i moisturise daily and oil my scalp 2 times a week just to combat the dryness.sometimes i deep condition 2 times a week depending on how my hair feels.

How to get fuller thicker hair

Its quite simple really.
deep conditioning has been a big factor in my thicker intensely moisturises your hair and keeps it strong and flexible.the more you do it the more thickness you will see.
i currently deep condition with steam 1-2 times a week but once a week is what your hair tells you  if you need more moisture then do more deep conditioning treatments.
you also need to balance the moisturising deep conditioning treatment with protein treatment.
the rule of thumb is heavy protein treatment every 2 months and light weight protein treatment every 2-3 weeks.
minimum heat is essential if you want thicker healthier hair so air dry your hair more often and use heat protection if you need to use heat.
if you relax your hair try to stretch your relaxer to at least 12 weeks this will significantly reduce relaxer ovelapping.